Omnex Transmitter

Omnex Transmitter - Please Read Updated Description Prior to Ordering!!


Omnex Transmitter 2.5Ghz.  As of 9/2022 Omnex has updated the 765031 Remote. The current production remote will only work with Omnex Receivers dated coded 2016 - 09 or newer. Please check your receiver date code prior to ordering. If the date code is prior to 2016-09 you will also need to purchase the 765032 Receiver. The Date Code can be found in the area on the label, P/N right upper corner.

Does not include batteries - Con-Tech recommends P/N 765037. Incorrect batteries have been found to damage the remote. Please call your local Con-Tech Parts Branch with questions.

We have hundreds of different mixer parts and controls, including cab controls, in cab box and more. Also, if your looking for a complete kit with the transmitter, receiver, dock and protective case check out our complete Omnex Kit! If your looking for a certain part give our team a call at 507.374.2239.