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 Jason McClendon, Blake Meeker, Greg Mooney, & Charlie Eastburn  Eagle Redi-Mix


 Donnie Parsell Southern Concrete Materials 


Cary Bartoo - Bartoo Ready Mix

“We at Bartoo Ready-Mix LLC have a close relationship with, and respect for Con-Tech Manufacturing, this is why! Their relentless effort to give us a mixer truck that is user friendly, and performs above our expectations is amazing. The availability of equipment when needed has been exceptional. The price of the mixer truck is affordable and fair. Finally, the personal relationship with our salesman. This has put trust in play, which we can make business decisions from, and feel good about!”

Cary Bartoo
Bartoo Ready-Mix

Paul - Parish Concrete

“We have enjoyed working with Con-Tech when we are in need of new Mixers. They always have a great inventory of chassis in the yard with which is helpful when we need equipment quickly. The sales and service staff has been excellent and we appreciate having a single point of contact who takes care of our new Mixers as well as trades. Our Con-Tech Mixers outperform the competition and have many added features making them easy to service. We look forward to purchasing more trucks from Con-Tech in the future.”

Parish Concrete

Larry Wittenburg - Con-Tech Mixers

“We are totally happy with the way our Con-Tech mixer has performed over several seasons. The guys at Con-Tech have paid attention to the little details that can end up costing time and money. Our driver Kevin loves the way the mixer charges, and discharges. Sales and services is excellent, and very helpful with knowledgeable parts help for all our mixer fleet needs. We like Con-Tech!”

Larry Wittenburg
Springville Ready Mix
Springville, Iowa

Larry Wittenburg - Con-Tech Mixers

“We bought our first Con-Tech mixers in 2008. Not only are they great to work with, they build one of the best mixers in the industry. Quality mixer, built right, with attention to detail.”

Paul Chaves
Transportation Mngr
Apple Valley Ready Mix

Fraser - Con-Tech Mixers

“We own several Con-Tech BridgeKing mixers and have run them several years now. The thing I like about Con-Tech is that they come out to see you. These guys listen to your ideas on how to make things better, and then build those ideas into their products. They have included some of my ideas in the design of their product and that has been important to me. Also, their BridgeKing is built with high quality and their service is excellent”

John Fraser
JD Concrete
Mitchell, SD
31 Years in the Concrete Business

Lorin Jacobson - Con-Tech Mixers

“With their mixers, Con-Tech has provided us with the performance, durability and reliability our industry demands. Con-Tech has addressed several key components other manufacturers seem to have overlooked, and as a family business we appreciate the opportunity to do business with people as helpful and personable as the Con-Tech staff.”

Lorin Jacobson,
Pauls Valley , Oklahoma

Larry Wittenburg - Con-Tech Mixers

“We are very pleased with the business relationship we share with Con-Tech. We have found their service to be dependable, reliable, and they stand behind what they sell. Their attention to detail and willingness to listen to our needs is extremely important to our company.”

Kenny Henderson
Operations Manager
Greenhill Concrete / Owasso, OK

Wade - Con-Tech Mixers

“It has been a pleasure doing business with Con-Tech Manufacturing. They always offer top quality products, personal service, and a knowledgeable staff to provide the parts and equipment to meet our business needs. Their experience in the mixer business reflects in the products they sell.”

Wade Williams
River City Concrete, Inc.
Savannah, TN

Alan B - Con-Tech Mixers

“We are a small family owned company with attention to detail. Usually when we purchase a piece of equipment we intend to have it for a while. Our new Con-Tech mixer seems to fit right in with our operation. The fabrication and attention to the small details are superb! Sales and service are excellent! The truck was delivered on time and to all specifications. Our next purchase will be a Con-Tech mixer.”

Alan Bernhardt
B&W Ready Mix L.L.C.

Lorin Jacobson - Con-Tech Mixers

“In this past season of 2013 we had purchased 6 new Con-Tech mixers. I was on 2 DOT paving projects where the spec for mainline paving is a 2 inch max. The Con-Tech mixers hands down mixed and unloaded at a much faster and steady pace. The design in the collection hopper and the chutes allow the Con-Tech mixers to really put the mud out. The contractor actually asked to have some of the drivers slow down the discharge pace. This was very impressive to watch as they were unloading side by side to other comparable brands and same year mixers. When it comes to paving the goal is to get the trucks unloaded as fast as possible to keep the paver moving at a steady pace. The new designed Con-Tech mixers performed excellent.”

Jason Henrich
GCC Ready Mix

Larry Wittenburg - Con-Tech Mixers

“I have been in the Redi-Mix industry since 1975, first as a mechanic, and later as a manager and I have been around many different mixer types. Since adding the Con-Tech mixer to our fleet I have found the Con-Tech to outperform all others that we have used in the past. Faster to load (larger hopper), and faster to unload (at a low engine RPM). The detail in safety features, and the quality of the design of the front and rear pedestals, water tank mounting, and fin design can be attributed to Con-Tech’s desire to give the customer and driver a good product you can put into service the day you receive it!”

Donnie Guerrero
Allied Concrete

Wade - Con-Tech Mixers

“We are a family owned business serving the Asheville Market in Western North Carolina. The terrain is very steep and mountainous and our new Con-Tech mixer has proven to be up to the challenge. We evaluated several mixers before choosing Con-Tech. The extreme duty components that are built to last coupled with Con-Tech's experience and technical ability to configure the mixer that bests suits our needs is the reason we chose them. During the evaluation process it became clear to me that Con-Tech shares our companies core values to be responsive, innovative, willing to go the extra mile and a genuine commitment to customer service that in the end produces a superior product.”

Bart Jones
Carolina Ready Mix

Alan B - Con-Tech Mixers

“What I like about the Con-Tech mixer is when you wash out, you don’t have to spend a lot of time doing it because they are a self cleaning drum, and it does not take a lot of water to wash out. I also like the buttons on the rear control pendant because they are not delayed when you hit them. They are precise so you can have the drum barely move for pouring walls. I also like the aluminum extension chutes, they are light and easy to move around. I like the way the ball busters work inside of the drum. Since I have had the drum, I have not had any dry balls in the load. I also think that they produce better concrete out of the rear of the truck. I have noticed that the concrete is more consistent every pour I go to. In all I believe the Con-Tech mixer is better than the Osh-Kosh because of its consistency.”

Derek Rieck
GCC Ready Mix

Alan B - Con-Tech Mixers

“Three things come to mind when I think Con-Tech. Honesty, Quality, and Performance. I finally have the choice I had been looking for to get a top quality product with the service and performance I expect and deserve. The staff is knowledgeable and personable. With the knowledge of me, my business, and equipment needs. Doing business with Con-Tech reminds me of the way of doing business back in the good ole days!”

Pete Trost
CTI Ready Mix

Alan B - Con-Tech Mixers

“I have been driving mixer trucks for 35 years. The Con-Tech mixer loads and unloads better then any mixer I have driven in the past. I like the Con-Tech controls, they are very responsive.”

Kent Kruger
AVR Ready Mix

Alan B - Con-Tech Mixers

“In the last four years that we have had BridgeKing mixers, repairs have been minimal and they are performing great on the road. Con-Tech has listened to our input and implemented that into their product.”

Denny Bingham
Rochester Ready Mix

Alan B - Con-Tech Mixers

“I just wanted to let you know how satisfied we are with our Con-Tech mixers. We greatly appreciate the time an ingenuity you have placed in designing our equipment. We have been running them almost three years and have had absolutely no problems with them. We have not had to change out a single part, which is almost unheard of in our industry. We also appreciate the level of commitment you have towards your customers. You have given us excellent customer’s service after the sale. You always have good advice. Also thank you for making it such a breeze to finance our new equipment. Thanks, and keep up the good work.”

Patrick Barry
Barry Concrete, Inc.

Alan B - Con-Tech Mixers

“Con-Tech Manufacturing has proven to be a customer-focused company dedicated to building mixers customized to the customer’s needs. Con-Tech’s customization allowed us to cut our in-service time from 7 days to about 8 hours. My experience with Con-Tech has been positive from the first phone call to follow-ups after the mixers were delivered.”

Richard Tucker
Geiger Ready Mix