Mixer Sales Team

We're second to none in
industry experience.

We have designed and delivered concrete mixers to every application possible in the ready mix industry. If you are considering buying a new mixer truck, don't hesitate to call and discuss with our sales team what makes Con-Tech Mixers the leader in the rear discharge mixer market.

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Dan Welsh

Grant McNeilus
Vice President

Rachel Theis
National Mixer Sales Manager

Dean Bungum
Mixer Sales, Southeast Region

Mike Taylor
Mixer & Parts Support, Southeast Region

Jed Dart
Mixer Sales, Southern Central Region

Wes Austin
Mixer Sales Support, South Central Region

Ray Samson
Mixer Sales, Northeast Region/ Illinois & Alaska

Luke Schrom
Mixer Sales, Midwest Region

Jamison Soule
Mixer Sales, Western Region

Gerard Hoppa
Mixer Sales, Western Region