Mixer Packages

Con-Tech Manufacturing, Inc. is family-owned and built with pride right here in the USA. We pair yesterday’s values with tomorrow’s technology in order to build a concrete mixer with the customer in mind. We continually invest in our people, our partnerships, our products, and our processes to manufacture the best concrete mixer in the world. Our customer is the heart of our business and we believe in their success as passionately as our own. Please reach out to your local mixer sales rep for a custom mixer quote.

The Extended Tag configuration is a suspension base upgrade to our Extreme Duty™ standard mixer package. The dual steerable pusher and extended Watson & Chalin® steerable tag axle creates a longer wheelbase which results in increased efficiencies, larger payloads, and increased profits. In partnership with Con-Tech's HP™ Drum, the Extended Tag addition offers more flexibility in maximizing your payload
• Easy and balanced operation while loaded, at the job site, or empty
• Up to 10+ yards legal payload on federal bridge formula, with some state roads 12+ yards legal payload
• Click HERE for a video testimonial on the XT axle configuration, as well as
the HP™ Drum

The Extreme Duty™ standard mixer has the ability and the flexibility to maximize your profits because reliability, serviceability, and profitability are built in to the design. We don't cut corners, we don't
sacrifice quality, and we don't charge extra for our best ideas. The Extreme Duty™ mixer is the workhorse of Con-Tech. It has the capability to take your operation to the next level. Safety, efficiency, and your bottom line are the principles that have gotten us here.
• Equipped with proven components such as Eaton® hydraulics, ZF® gearbox, and
Aeroquip hoses and fittings

• Click HERE for testimonial on a customer's switch to XD™ after decades running front discharge

Our bread and butter—the Con-Tech® BridgeKing® allows for the most efficient load delivery while maintaining federal bridge compliancy. Our bridge trailer maximizes your payload while en route to the job site, and minimizes your footprint while heading back to the plant. Our flexible design allows us to engineer equipment built specifically for your region and your operation. From extreme paving down to wheel barrow filling, the BridgeKing® is the answer.
• Utilizes the same polyurethane ATRO bushings for trailer and booster cylinder for optimum performance and minimal maintenance
• Click HERE for a video walkthrough and in-service lesson from our service department on
the BridgeKing® mixer

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