High Performance Drum

Time is money, and the Con-Tech High Performance drum makes both for you all day, every day. Innovative fin design with enlarged washout holes in the fins makes clean up quick and easy. The patented Ball Busters® virtually eliminate cement balls and aggravated job site inspectors. Industry-leading fin spiral on our 46” drum opening can handle the smallest wheelbarrow job with ease yet get material on the ground faster than ever before when paving. Other features that reduce maintenance dollars include a SOLID steel roller track and a “true thickness” head. These features give you more usable steel, making the drum head last longer. Last but not least, the overall drum design carries more material towards the lower, front portion of the drum. Having this feature creates a lowers the center of gravity. Talk is easy, let an HP drum SHOW you what it does for your bottom line…

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Straight Cone Taper allows for a smooth discharge with virtually no surging, while allowing maximum discharge performance.

High Capacity head and belly sections allow for
25% more material in the mixing bowl.

Solid Roller Track is lighter and stronger than
hollow designs, providing 350% more contact surface area and eliminates flexing and cracking.

Ball Buster paddle system is strategically
located for breaking apart floating dry balls.

New Fin Spiral

The new self cleaning fin design
allows for small amounts of
material to pass through the fins
which drastically reduces build
up. Elevated surge fins allow
water to flush underneath to
reach the main fin row during
clean up.

Fabricated A.R. Steel Head

More Wear Resistant Up to 300% more wear resistant than typical Gr. 50 spun heads.

More Usable Steel 1/4” and 5/16” heads are true
nominal thickness unlike spun heads that get thin on the radius.

Lighter 1/4” heads are 172 lbs. lighter than 1/4” spun heads.

Lip Doubler

More Wear Resistant Con-Tech’s patent pending A.R. steel ‘lip doubler’ provides ultimate wear protection.

Con-Tech’s patent pending EcoFin technology
allows concrete to flow through the mixing fins
then folded into the mix coming over the top
of the fin. This provides a much more
homogenized mix in a much more efficient
manner than conventional designs.
Mixing holes allow concrete to pass through
the fin along the drum skin providing a barrier
from the mixing chamber. Reducing the wear
on your mixing fins and drum skin..

The Con-Tech High Performance Drum is designed from head-to-tail to meet and exceed the demands of producers everywhere. From extreme paving down to filling wheelbarrows, the HP Drum is the Ultimate Solution! You asked and Con-Tech listened!