Extreme Duty Mixer

The Con-Tech Extreme Duty mixer has the ABILITY to maximize your profits. Reliability, serviceability & profitability are built-in to the design. There are no corners cut, and no quality sacrificed. It’s not worth it to us, nor should it be for you. The XD mixer has battle-tested components such as Eaton® hydraulics, ZF® gearbox, Aeroquip hoses & fittings.
Safety is our #1 priority at Con-Tech. Not only do we provide unmatched performance but also standard safety features on all our mixers. We include standard safety components such as roller guards, chute stop & climb ladder on all our mixers. These items, in combination with the industry-leading HP drum design, are what the industry demands. Safety, performance, & profit… Should you ask for anything less?

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Con-Tech offers multiple options for your mixer’s pump controls. Both cab and
rear controls can be customized to your preference. We offer both cable controls
and RE (12 volt electric) pump controls. Rear controls can be toggle pendant,
manual or wireless rear control box. Drum saver (constant speed) options available.


Con-Tech offers the time tested ZF P-7300 gearbox. ZF offers hands down, the best warranty (5 years) and support in the industry. This combined with 53,000 ft lbs of torque makes the ZF P-7300 series an easy choice for producers everywhere.

HP Drum

The High Performance Drum is designed from head-to-tail to meet and exceed the demands of producers everywhere. From EXTREME paving, down to filling wheel barrows, the all-new Con-Tech HP drum is the ULTIMATE SOLUTION!

Main Chute

Our newly designed High Performance main chutes are wider providing a higher capacity. Designed to reduce clearance issues and to minimize material overflow while the chutes are in a horizontal position. All Con-Tech chutes are capped and 100% welded for strength and element resistance.

Wiring Harnesses

Con-Tech wiring harnesses are built with simplicity and durability in mind. All wiring harnesses have
each wire labeled for ease of trouble shooting, and built with Deutsch connectors for unsurpassed reliability.


Con-Tech trucks come standard with heavy duty EATON pumps and motors. Included is a 5 year limited warranty. Our hydraulic system comes standard with Chevron Rando HD oil (with advanced additive and base oil technology).

HP Rollers

Con-Tech’s rollers were designed along with the High Performance pedestal. The combination of the taller roller and the lower deck creates easier access into the roller bracket for cleaning and maintenance.

Rear Pedestal

Con-Tech’s High Performance rear pedestal was designed with 6 main pieces fully welded inside
and out for ultimate corrosion resistance and strength. A lower roller deck plate, along with front and rear wash bands that direct materials out and away, allow for easier and more thorough cleaning. This provides longer life by reducing build up and corrosion.

HP Ladders

Our newly designed High Performance ladder and platform feature a non-slip, level, open tread design with extra wide upper and lower grab bars for a safe and easy transition.