Paver Foldover Chute- For standard Main chutes on CTM and MTM.
Must use Transitional chute before standard Extention Chutes.

Chute-Paver Foldover


Paver Foldover Chute. Used on standard Main Chute for CTM or MTM. Must use a Trasitional Chute Steel or Transitional Chute Aluminum before standard Extention Chutes are used. This foldover chute comes primed and has optional color options (white & custom see below). We have hundreds of different chutes, foldover chutes, extension chutes along with other parts for your truck, mixer and/or fleet. If your having problems locating a certain part please don't hesitate to give our parts team a call at 507.374.2239.
MTM 1225709 1331825

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